Monday, December 23, 2013

You Are Once Again in a Dungeon

Let's all admit that last one was really hard. I will personally admit I have no idea how to solve it. There might not even be a solution.
So I'm making another one. Hopefully this one will be easier.

You are in a room with walls of stone. There are three doors. One leads to Heaven, one to Hell, and one to the mortal realm.

The first door is guarded by an elf in shiny armor and the second in a similar elf. The first elf has a gold spear and the second elf a silver one. The third door is guarded by an elf in shiny armor with a sword and shield.

One of the three will answer any question with a lie. One of the three will answer any question with the truth. One of the three will kill you if you ask him a complicated question. And he has a very liberal idea of the world 'complicated,' so be careful. If he answers your question, he will always lie.

You can ask three questions to them before they tell you to either choose a door or die. The goal of this game is to reach Heaven, although reaching the mortal realm is also good.

You are in a Dungeon

We all know this situation. You are in a small room with walls made out of stone. But then it gets different: there are five doors. In front of each door is a guardian.

The first guardian is an elf with a golden spear. The second guardian is an elf with a silver spear. You know that one of them always tells the truth and the other lies, but you do not know which is which. Additionally, they are bitter enemies. They are currently invisible to each other, but if you remind either one of the other's presence, they will attack each other. You do not know which is stronger.

The third and fourth guardians are both orcs with big axes. One of them will kill you if you ask them a question  to which the correct answer is no, and the other will kill you if you ask them a question to which the correct answer is yes.

The fifth guardian is shrouded in mist, his two eyes glowing purple through the fog. He will answer any question perfectly and truthfully, but he can only answer one question before he dissolves into the air. However, he cannot tell you which elf tells the truth and which lies.

One of the doors leads to eternal happiness, one to the normal world, and three of them to horrible pain. You cannot tell which, but all five guardians know which doors lead to which fate. Only the elves know which is a liar and which is a truth-teller.

You have 3 lives. What do you do? Please answer in the comments below.

Leaders Have No Power

The title says it all: Leaders possess no power.
I'm pretty sure I know what your initial reaction to this statement will be. You will say, "What? No, leaders are powerful!"
The thing is, very few leaders have power on their own. Most leaders do not, for instance, have magical powers or insane acrobatic skills. Leaders are only powerful because people support them.
Imagine a king who rules a country called Entrelonne. The king has all the power because, if someone were to rebel, the army would squash them. But in this situation, the king doesn't have the power -- the army does. The army serves the king, but the king does not personally have the power of the army. If the army were to rebel, the king would be doomed. The king does not, in fact, possess any power whatsoever except that power which his subjects give him.
It's the same with all leaders. Without the support of the people, the leader no longer possesses any power whatsoever. Leadership does not grant power, it gives the service of those who do have power. Of course, leaders can be powerful. The king of Entrelonne, for instance, could secretly be a ninja. But that is the person, not the title. The title of King grants no power to a person.

Welcome to the Silvershield Matrix!

Welcome to the Silvershield Matrix!
My first order of business will be to add the word Silvershield to my dictionary because I am distracted by squiggly red lines and if I didn't do that we wouldn't get far before I give up and delete the blog.
Next I will introduce myself. I am Jeremiah Starborn. Whether or not that is really my last name I will not yet reveal, but you're probably going to presume it's not because nobody ever gets a last name that's actually that awesome.
Okay, adding the word Starborn to the dictionary.
I am not going to post every day. I do not know how often I will post, but it will not be extremely often since I am a busy person right now.

Also, you have probably noticed that I am (a) using the color blue quite a bit and (b) using Bold. As I said earlier, I am a very strange person and this is the way I do things.

So, why am I making a blog?
I've been thinking lately. Wait, that sounds odd, let me rephrase: I have been having a lot of interesting thoughts lately. Some of it is about life in general, its meaning and so on, some of it is about how humans often really suck. Some of it is about how humans are great. And, after a while of lounging about in my brain, these thoughts get bored and move away. So I am going to nail them to the wall by writing them down in a blog.
I'm sure very few people are actually going to read this blog. I know I will invite some people to follow it, unless it fails dismally. But I think there will be a lot of interesting thoughts here.
Welcome to the Matrix.