Monday, December 22, 2014

Dear NationStates Friends

I haven't decided yet, with one exception, if I'll share this blog with my NationStates friends.

I posted about this on Facebook, but I should probably explain a bit further -- NationStates is an online nation simulation game. You can create a nation and answer "Issues" to change the way its run. It's fun.

What's more fun is the community I've found on it. In the region of Renegade Islands Alliance (I encourage you to check it out), I've found a community of close friends. My best friends in the world are all on this website, and it's so true that I'm not even worried that my life is meaningless and all my friends are internet peeps.

My closest NationStates friends:

  • Kzaria ( ^_^ )
  • Georgia (he usually uses The City of Atlanta as his nation)
  • Acronius (He's CANADIAN!!! For some reason I find this shocking and exciting)
  • Babylatia (I'm actually best friends with Babyl in real life)
  • Reformed SU (He's a psychopath but we love him anyway)
  • TPSA (dear lord we disagree sometimes, but we're generally on good terms)
To any of you who might be reading this: it's gonna sound weird, but I love y'all.

Yeah, y'all felt like the only pronoun to use. Er... is y'all a pronoun? It is, right? I think it is.

"Love" might sound a bit strong. I don't love you as in "I love you" I love you, but I think you are the greatest friends. As I said, I'm still not certain I'll share this with them - I mean, I've kept my private life at least a little bit hidden. But if they're reading this...

Kzaria: I love how often we both stay up super late, halfway across the country from each other, roleplaying some hilarious scene or touching romantic moment between characters. You've been one of the best roleplaying partners I've met in the RIA. You've helped me when I'm sad, you've made me laugh when I needed a laugh, and you've generally been an amazing friend.

Georgia: I've grown to respect you deeply since you came to this region. We've got pretty similar views, which I think helps; we've also shared some of my very best RPs. Whenever TPSA gets out of control, I can rely on you to lead the debate. You've also given me some really nice insight on life; I can't thank you enough for that.

Acronius: Well, let's begin with the obvious: you're CANADIAN. I find that fascinating, okay? I don't know why! Our friendship was mostly formed on the forum (it's a link! You should click it!), with the relentless back-and-forth of spamming games, but I've grown to know you a little more on the RMB. You're simultaneously hilariously unaware of so many American things and incredibly insightful. You can sometimes be the one harsh enough in a debate to say what everyone knew had to be said but no one had the heart to say; arguably, you do that too much, but no one is perfect. And if you complain that your little entry here isn't as heartfelt as the others, I will remind you it's about twice the length.

Babylatia: I've known you since third grade. We became friends quickly and haven't stopped being friends since. Speaking of which, I'm sorry I forgot to invite you over this weekend -- I sort of... forgot. Your personality on NationStates is a little... odd. It's not like your personality in real life, but it's interesting. I personally enjoy spending time with <NAME REMOVED> more than with Babylatia, but our friendship exists both in real life and online.

Reformed SU: You are a psychopath. You've said it yourself; you're proud of it. You've got a happy personality, a crazy personality, a viciously Soviet personality, a sad personality, and... well... altogether you're one of the most interesting people I've met. But you can be incredibly funny and friendly, albeit in your own special way. The RIA just wouldn't be the same without you. So seriously, stop getting yourself deleted by the moderators!

TPSA: Where do I start. We really have both a friendship and rivalry, don't we? You're a crazy tea party southern guy who hates gay marriage and gun control and drives trucks and is the opposite of atheist. How much more different could we be? And yet we still have a friendship! Whenever you're not invading someone or something.

I spend so much time with these people. We've shared so many experiences, so many exciting roleplays. You've seen my at my best and at my worst. I can truly see you have been the light of my life since I joined NationStates.