Saturday, December 27, 2014

RIACon 2015!!!

I've just had the worst best idea ever! This is going to be horribly expensive amazing! Sure, it'll cost me anywhere between $500 and $2000, but it's such a bad idea someone stop me please, HURRY! STOP ME! NO! going to be pretty great.

The conversation on NationStates I just had went from this sort of thing:

Me: We should all meet in real life at some point.

To something a bit more like this...

Me: So RIACon is gonna be a thing? IT'S GONNA BE A THING! I'ma become a huge business success and get you all tickets to Madison! It's going to work! This is not at all a bad plan!

It's late, I'm tired, I've just had way too many marshmallows. But I want to meet these people in real life, and an RIACon - basically everyone meeting in the "middle" of all our homes - sounds like a pretty good idea.

Most people are on the east coast. Two people are on the west coast. The people I'm really hoping to meet are mostly the ones roughly around my age. I've determined that Madison is the best place for RIACon because it's somewhat central, two of us live here - me and Babylatia - and it's an awesome place.

So how is this going to work? I'm going to figure that out on an individual basis. I'm going to get money, lots of money, and use it to purchase flights for the people who can't get here -- Acronius, for instance, who lives in Vancouver. And Kzaria too, probably. Yayyyy spending $1000...

So that's a new life goal. Making $1000.

Making $1000:

How do I intend to make $1000? Glad you asked! I'm not positive you asked, but it's a pretty safe assumption, considering getting $1000 is not trivial.

My answer: getting a lot of that $1000 WILL be trivial. Some of it? Not so much. I've already got a considerable amount of money in my wallet, and I have a trick up my sleeve.

The trick up my sleeve is a gameSiks, to be exact. This is a game I first designed about a year ago. In my experience, it's been pretty fun... and considering that board game companies can make money, I think I might have a chance with it on The Game Crafter. This is hypothetical, and the game will need some fine tuning... but it might work.

The Game Crafter is pretty cool. It basically means they make board games for you, you get charged the costs, people buy them online, and you get paid.

It's a pretty sucky trick up my sleeve. I'm starting to realize this is a bad idea. I need to eat more marshmallows and drown the truth in sugar.

I just looked at my "Life Goals" thank-you note for inspiration on how to get some money and my doubts vanished when I saw the little words "Become better friends with people from NationStates." I marked that as one of my life goals. I'll make this work.''

I'm going to do this. Really and truly. I'm going to make this one of my life's focuses, one of my great goals -- getting all my friends from NationStates together in real life.

Parental units, can you please please please help out I really don't want to pay thousands of dollars I doubt everyone on the east coast will be willing to drive all the way here so there might be even more plane flights and OH GOD I'M GETTING IN SO OVER MY HEAD THIS WILL NOT END WELL

Sorry about that. Sugar levels got too low.