Sunday, March 8, 2015

Late-Night Ramblings

It's late at night and my mind is buzzing. I have to talk, so I'm going to make a blog post. I won't think any less of you if you decide to turn back now. This will be hard to follow, confusing, and quite possibly offending as I've noticed my brain tends to get a little weird late at night.

As I write this, I'm writing a book report in another tab, and my thoughts might overlap a bit which will be confusing. Well, I don't mean I'm writing them simultaneously. I've only got two hands and one keyboard and can only write one thing at a time. You know what I mean.

So! That movement to make Idaho a "Christian State"... what's up with that? Let's mock them mercilessly for a little bit.

...No, I can't do it. The knowledge that a single religion is so certain of its dominance in our country that it believes it can simply claim a state as a "Christian State" is just depressing. I mean, honestly, unless every single person in Idaho is Christian, they can't do that. Naming something a "Christian State" automatically excludes anyone who isn't Christian as being unrepresentative of that state, of not being a true... er... Idaho-ian. As I'm almost certain there's at least one person in Idaho who's atheist, agnostic, or a member of any religion other than Christianity, naming Idaho a "Christian State" would not be representative of it.

Imagine 83% of Canada's population consisted of huge rabbits. Would it make sense to call Canada the "Land of the Rabbits?" Actually, that's a bad example. Imagine 17% (83 - 100) of the population is huge rabbits and the rest are humans. That's more accurate. Would it make sense to call Canada the "Land of the Humans?" No, because (a) not all of the population is human and (b) a majority of humans in the population is not unusual or especially noteworthy. The same is (unfortunately) true of Christianity.

I'm not insulting Christianity, by the way, just saying that a bit of variation in religions would be better... no, screw it, I am insulting Christianity. I'm tired and on a roll, I don't have time for religious niceness. Alright, fine, Voice In My Head, being tired doesn't excuse being a jerk, but... never mind.

I've added a lot more to my little Life Goals thank-you note. I think I've mentioned it before -- it's a little blue thank-you note that I've been writing life goals and fun things to do inside. Assuming I don't accidentally send it to some relative in place of the intended thank-you note, I hope to use it in the future to remind me of both what I prioritize(d) at the ages of 13 to 14 and also as inspiration.

I will, of course, keep it private. It's possibly the most secret thing I possess. Well, with the exception of the private folder in my Google Drive. But I will say two things I've written in:

- Make real-life friends
- High school & college

I'm not sure what to talk about next, so I'll explain each of them.

Make Real-Life Friends:

I was thinking about this and looking at the Life Goals thank-you note tonight and I realized something: my life is kind of empty. I have a thriving online life, with lots of online friendships, but it's not the same as being able to call someone, to hang out, to play games with someone, to be able to actually talk face-to-face with a person. And with the exception of my best friend George, I'm pretty lacking in that department.

I'm going to high school next year, and that'll be my chance to make friends and to mend my social life. And that actually leads into my next point...

High School & College:

The next seven or nine years of my life (four years of high school, one year break, two or four years college) will be pretty crazy. I haven't decided which college I'm interested in yet; I've decided on my career, but not on any sort of steps to get there. I'll have to think about that, work towards that, and achieve that. I know I can do it.

I could probably keep talking, but it's been a long blog post already and I've got a report to write. So long, internetz!